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Intuition is an undeniable urge to feel or do something. When you feel strongly about something without knowing why, intuition is in play. It’s like relying on something beyond yourself. For author Buthayna Taha, intuition is the highest dimension of our existence. It’s the whisper of our souls inside of us.

In Unveiling the Physical Source of Intuition, she offers an examination of intuition. She shares her journey to find the place where it exists within each human and tells how it is connected to the universe. Taha discusses how it explains some of our spiritual experiences, emotional behavior, and those events once thought to be miracles, coincidences, or extraordinary.

Unbiased, universal, and spiritual, Taha presents her findings, building the evidences chapter after chapter. She communicates that intuition is a gift from the creator, given to you to use or not use. It can optimize and “utopialize” your path, your purpose, your identity, your type, and, ultimately, your connection to this universe and to everything and everyone in it.